Saturday, December 4, 2010

Map Roundup - 04 December

It's that time again.

Axe & Hammer, 02 Dec: Greyhawk City, in multiple maps of varying quality.  If you like fantasy city maps, you should like this post.

Axe & Hammer, 28 Nov: Dungeons and E. Gary Gygax, and some nice maps, too.

Roles, Rules, and Rolls, 27 Nov: In which Roger discusses mapping woes, and asks about what type of mapping software to use.

In Like Flynn, 24 Nov: This post doesn't contain a map but it talks about maps.  And megadungeons.  But mainly I'm linking to it here, because I agree with his views on these subjects.  I, too, believe that a megadungeon, played in the right way, can very easily be an enjoyably experience for 'modern' gamers who like a more cinematic experience in their gaming.

In Like Flynn, 28 Nov: A hex-based world map.  I really like this map, because it looks more 'realistic' than many world maps I see.  The geography, the order of the continents spread over the ocean, etc. all really speak to me.

Being an Online Dungeon Master, 03 Dec: This is a blog that I probably wouldn't have come across in my normal wanderings as it is mostly about 4E (which I have little interest in these days) but it contains some nice map-related posts, so I found myself poking around.  Following are some links to other posts from the blog.

Being an Online Dungeon Master, 02 Dec: A decent encounter map in a wilderness area.

Being an Online Dungeon Master, 28 Jun: The old manila folder with the hand drawn map!

Being an Online Dungeon Master, 'Maps' Category: This is a link to all of the blog's map posts.  Most have to do with online and computer mapping using specific software (Maptool), which really doesn't interest me.  Although it might interest you.

Book of Worlds, Argos Atlas: This link leads to a collection of hand drawn maps on Flickr posted by the author of The Book of Worlds, a new (to me) blog that I recently came across.  This blog is also going to appear in another post that I am working on.

Coutdown to Game Time: No, I haven't found any map-related posts on this new (again, to me) blog, but I found that Carto Cacography is listed on his 'Gratuitous Linkage' list and thought that that was pretty cool.  So I'm including a link to it here as a way of saying thanks.

The Hopeless Gamer, 03 Dec: A map of an adventure in 3D.  Something that I could never pull off...

I see Lead People, 03 Dec: Maybe I'm stretching a bit by including this link, but it kinda looks like a map.  And it's about a Navy...sorta.

Beyond the Black Gate: Lands of Lyrion Campaign Setting.  A 2 page pdf detailing a campaign setting and including a campaign map in hex.

Beyond the Black Gate: Lands of Lyrion Fan Map.  A very nice looking campaign map.

Another thing that I occassionally spend time doing is looking at the latest map-related offerings at (outside of my own).  Quite often, publishers will make available nice maps as part of their free previews (especially the free downloadable pdf previews).  From time to time, I will include links to those products that have a decent free maps associated with it.  Here is one I came across a few days ago:

Headless Hydra Games, Barrowdelve Map Pack.  I really like the map of the dungeon complex here.  I might steal it for my own gaming use.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope to have a few more up for my next "World" post.