Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Dungeon Maps and Some Old Classics

So I'm not a big fan of the WotC website--in fact, I only ever go there if a link leads me to it.  But today, I came across a link that I really enjoyed.

About three weeks ago, WotC had a little dungeon contest at their website.  Draw a cool dungeon map, submit it to them, and they would pick the winner, etc, etc.  I guess there were prizes, although I didn't read far enough to find out.  You see, I only found out about it today, and it is too late to enter.  If I had known about it then, I probably would have.

But the cool thing is this: At the page announcing the contest, down at the very bottom, are pictures of some of the classic dungeon maps from our hobby's beginnings.  Not in a format that you could actually use them (I don't think), but I love looking at them.

More recently, they announced the winning entries.  I enjoyed looking at them, although some are *better* (wholely subjective, I know) than others.  I particularly like the map for the Fortress of Despair.  Good stuff!