Monday, August 31, 2015

Short Video Worth Watching: Odin's Afterbirth

It's hard not to heap too much praise on this short video, but I think it perfectly captures the essence of old school D&D.  I have no idea if the artist (a guy by the name of Joseph Bennett) has any connection to D&D or gaming, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did.

I've been away for several months, so it is possible that this has taken our little corner of the blogosphere by storm, and I missed it.  But if it hasn't, it should.  Please repost and spread far and wide.  (No--I have no affiliation with its creator.  I'm just excited at the prospect of bringing this thing to light in the OSR.)

Watching this, I think of James R, Zac, Barrowmaze, and a whole bunch of others.  I would say that this fits the sensibilities...

It's 14 minutes long.  It is NOT safe for work.  And I think that you'll enjoy it.

(Thanks to for bringing it to my attention.)