Friday, December 17, 2010

Portfolio: Two Houses (And a Contest)

Continuing with a portfolio of my maps, here are two more that I made.  As before, both of these maps may be familiar to people who inhabit our little corner of the blogosphere.  Also as before, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT comment where either of these came from--part of the deal is that their identity remain a secret. Also, I do have the permission of the original map owners to post them here.

We have, first, a big house:

And now we have a slightly smaller house:

To be quite honest, the first map is a bit more obscure than the second (at least to my mind, you may disagree with me).  So to make things interesting, I shall propose a small contest.  If anyone can tell me IN AN EMAIL, NOT IN THE COMMENTS where the first map (top map, the big house) came from, I will give you a free copy of any two of the products on sale at my RPGNow store--you get to pick 'em!  My email address is  This contest shall remain open until midnight, Eastern Standard Time, Sunday night, December 19th.  I will read all emails that I receive with the subject line 'Map Contest' and the first person to correctly state where that map was originally found will win.  I will then contact that person by email on Monday to arrange prize delivery.

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