Monday, November 14, 2011

Gotta Love those Random Tables

Aeons & Augauries is one of my favorite old school blogs.  I absolutely love JDJarvis' work.  Recently, he has been posting a collection of random tables to help characterize various standard dungeon items (think statue, fountain, etc.).

Well, quickly glancing through those showed all sorts of goodness.  But then I thought, mmmmm, what else has he posted with the same label (random table) that might be of interest?  And this is what you find.

Pure win.

I wonder if he's ever thought about including all of those in a nice pdf...

Star Wars Goodness *or* Super Lazy Post

A link like this cannot be passed up: Star Wars scripts, many versions, all goodness.

Friday, November 11, 2011

"Old School" Products

Not really a frequenter of Dragonsfoot.  And, frankly, from what I've heard of the place, I don't want to be.

But this is some useful information.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Agree with Him

So I've been scarce around these parts lately.  Mostly due to the new job and the hours worked to get everything under control.

My posting has been pathetic.

And, unfortunately, it will remain so for the time being.  Any posting that I do will consist of linking to something interesting that I have seen on the interweb and then commenting on it.  Like this:


Today, I saw this that JB posted over at B/X Blackrazor.  I completely agree with everything that he says.

I think that most of the commenters to his post went off on various tangents about gaming, which movies they like, various opinions about GL, but his point that there is a massive universe with some cool "core" items that could be used in other stories is spot on.  Why don't authors of fiction mine those things for other adventures?

Damned if I know.