Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yes, it has been for several days now.  Crazy, how that works.

But since the last time that I posted (over a week ago), Christmas came and went, New Years came and went, and my latest birthday came and went.  Yup, a year older.

During that time, I checked out of the blogosphere almost completely.  Not only that, I was on my computer only a little bit each day.  AND there were days when I didn't check my email at all.

Usually, when I sit down to write a post, I do so after reading throughout the blogosphere.  I get good ideas; I get inspired; I find good maps.  I haven't done that today.  I'm assuming that there were a lot of 'resolutions' posts from various bloggers about the new year, so I'm going to offer some of my own:

- The Fantasy Cartographic will release at least two new products this year for sale.

- I'm going to jump on the geomorph bandwagon and begin posting geomorphs here on the blog in the same format as Dyson Logos, Risus Monkey, and Stonewerks.

- I'm going to work on updating 'My Daily Read' (which you'll find if you look to your right) so that it actually again matches the blogs that I follow on a daily basis--and includes ones that actualy post with some regularity.

- I'm going to work on a few other writing projects, that have been sitting on the backburner for WAY too long.

And that wraps up my first post of 2011.  A few more days will mark the One Year Anniversary of this place.  Perhaps some sort of retrospective is in order.  Then again, perhaps not.


  1. an object at rest... CANNOT BE STOPPED!

    My geomorphic design template has a life of it's own!

  2. Dyson.....You got that right...:) I blame you and your darned "Geomorphic design template" for stealing all my free spare moments, for me starting a blog, for getting mentioned on great blogs like this.....it's all your fault. LOL.