Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drawings and Dungeons and Bears - Oh My!

I recently stumbled across Drawings & Dungeons and am pleasantly surprised to say that I really like his artwork.  As I have a few projects in the cooker that will at some point require some illustrations, I think that employing his services would fit nicely into my plans.

I'm also going to add him to My Daily Read.  Speaking of which, as my Read gets larger each day, I find myself spending more and more time reading blogs and "keeping up" with the latest goings-on than in working on my own material.  It can be a dangerous trap to fall into.  Especially when I find myself at say Lamentations of the Flame Princess, which is on the Read, and then hopping down his 'Other Stuffies to Read' and spending another 30-45 minutes reading a lot of those blog posts and then finding more to read from those that he lists.  I could read fantasy blogs all day--which I suppose is a sorry commentary on myself, but what can I say?

I think that like many of us, I own more gaming material than I have actually used in play.  I have read and linked to gaming blogs containing more material than I could probably use.  And yet I keep doing it.  I keep buying, albeit in low numbers, and I keep reading.  What gives?   Aaaahhhh!  What gives?


  1. I think it comes down to time. In order to use the stuff you have, you have to coordinate not only your free time, but everyone else who wants to play, and you have to have a sufficient block of time to use.

    It's so much easier to read stuff on your own. Steal a couple of minutes in the bathroom with a book, or a couple of minutes at work to read a new blog post.

  2. It's insane! I find myself in the same dilemma, and it's crazy because I know I'm missing good stuff all the time. I run across a blog I've never read before and realize there's a year's worth of material here for me to read. And many of the ones I have been reading are still posting regularly. So much good stuff, and it's impossible to keep up with it all.

    But seriously, there are worse problems to have, right? ;)