Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why? (The Short Answer...)

I've decided to start blogging for a number of reasons, some of which I will articulate here and others to be discussed at a later date.

Foremost, I have always been interested in the publishing side of the RPG industry, especially over the last 6-8 years when anyone could enter the fray. I was always interested in hearing other people's experiences from the insider perspective. Of course, when you're not on the inside, it's very hard to hear about it. While I am still certainly not on the inside, I am attempting to make a go of it.

This blog is really for two audiences. The first is me; the blog is a way to record my history in the business and track progress as it occurs. The second audience is anyone who might be thinking about entering the industry as an independent publisher. That audience can read my blog, get some insights, ask me questions (if they desire), and maybe decide, based on my experience, to try it for themselves or decide better of it.

The idea for this blog is probably not original, and might not interest anyone other than myself, but the desire to blog comes from the same creative conceit that tells me that someone might actually pay money for somthing that I've produced. And so, with that said, why not?

I'm going to try to post an entry every few days, or weekly at the very least. The first several will recount my personal experience with roleplaying and the decision to try to become a publisher. After that, who knows? If interested, you'll stick with me, and if not, I'll be feverishly typing into the void.

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