Sunday, January 10, 2010

The plan

So the first several posts to this blog were my personal gaming history and how I came to start up my own independent press. Those posts all first appeared at an Enworld blog that I started sometime back in September 2008. Obviously, that blog has not been supported for quite some time and will no longer be supported; Carto Cacography will now be my exclusive online outlet.

As this blog moves forward, my postings will be less about the past and more about the here and now. I aim to write a lot about The Fantasy Cartographic from the business perspective. This blog will also serve as a repository of materials that may or may not appear in my gaming world or in published form. Of course, it may from time to time include other things as well.

Several small publishers have recently published their sales numbers for 2009; I’ll be doing the same shortly, except that I will include sales numbers for The Fantasy Cartographic’s entire existence as we opened for business in November 2007 and have never released numbers before.

Another topic that I will be delving into is the opposing forces that interest me in gaming right now—4E D&D and the so-called “Old School Renaissance”. Some would argue that there can be no more diametrically opposed forces in D&D gaming than these two, although I contend that 3.X is more opposed to the ideals of the old-schoolers than 4E is. Of course, those are all issues of personal taste and opinion, so we will see if I can add anything to that discussion. As someone who is trying to publish gaming material in both realms, my opinions might be different than most.

I will also, occasionally, post about items in popular culture and how they inspire me from a gaming perspective. Hopefully, these posts will give you some ideas for your gaming worlds.

That all is the plan at least.  We'll see how it goes.  I also have grand plans to post 5+ times per week.  Perhaps a bit ambitious with other writing projects and real life trying to keep me occupied, but that is the goal.

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