Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enchanted Likenesses

Here's a link to another video that I just came across today.  Scary.  Inspirational.

I could easily see this as the basis for an adventure, or at the very least a small set piece in a larger dungeon.

The PCs come across a collections of statues that are quite obviously likenesses of them.  "That's strange," they think.  And the one character who is not as cautious as the others begins to closely examine the one that looks like him or her.  Without thinking, he touches the statue...

Or maybe you turn it upside.  Perhaps the PCs actually desire this outcome.  Maybe, rather than what happened in the video, they gain some ability or boone in exchange for what has happened to them.  Or at least, they thought that they were going to.


  1. Creepy. The tough part for me would be providing the horrific atmosphere required of such and adventure rather than just the "normal" dungeon crawl vibe...

  2. Perhaps the horror isn't in the vibe at the table but the realization by the players that their beloved character isn't dead but is no longer playable...