Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Map Roundup - 24 November

I'm not sure what is going on...  Perhaps there are more fish in the sea; perhaps I am just casting my net further; perhaps the fish just want to be caught.  Whatever it is, the last ten days have been amazing for mapping related posts throughout the blogosphere.  This is the biggest map roundup to date, and these are all quality posts.


Dungeons and Digressions, 11 Nov: Caves of Chaos, minidungeons, and index cards.  A nice little post with a good downloadable resource.

Dungeons and Digressions, 12 Nov: The orc lairs from the Caves of Chaos, similar to the post above.

Dungeons and Digressions, 18 Nov: The kobold lair from the Caves of Chaos.

Dungeons and Digressions, 20 Nov: The bugbear lair from the Caves of Chaos.

Jeff's Gameblog, 09 Nov: Maps of Britain--gaming maps that is.

Some King's Kent, 20 Nov: The title of this post is "PDF Zoomable-Scrollable Megadungeon Maps".  That pretty much fully explains it.

A Character For Every Game, 19 Nov: A Friday map posting...

Risus Monkey, 19 Nov: Number 99 in a long series of geomorphs.

In Like Flynn, 20 Nov: A campaign world map in hex.  Also, includes a link to an image of a 'real' world map from ages past.

Stonewerks, 19 Nov: A new blog that I only (just now!) stumbled across.  This is the most recent post, but just about everything at this blog is maptastic.  I've only just begun perusing his older offerings.  Much to do...

A Palidin in Citadel, 21 Nov: Maps of medieval castles and links to others.

Greyhawk Grognard, 21 Nov: The City of Greyhawk, in map form.

Telecanter's Receding Rules, 24 Nov: Musings on the map of an island.  Contains both an old nautical chart of a real island and then the Google Earth image.

Beyond the Black Gate, 24 Nov: A very useful collection of links for mapping.  Might as well save this to your favorites--great post.

Aeons & Augauries, 24 Nov: 55 dungeon geomorphs plus links to other places.
Aeons & Augauries, 24 Nov: Another 55 dungeon geomorphs.

Aeons & Augauries, 24 Nov: If the first 110 geomorphs were not enough, here are an additional 44.

Typically, these map roundups contain maps from the blogosphere, although I'm thinking of expanding that to include any good fantasy maps that I come across.  Here you will find some little maps of a fictional town called Adelfarn.  Also from that page, you will find lots of interesting material detailing that little town.  If you like little towns, it might be worth a read.

That's all for now.  Until next time, good mapping!

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