Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Map Roundup - 01 December

The latest installment of my map roundups.  I continue to be amazed at the brilliant mapping that is going on out there--from all over the blogosphere.  And I continue to find new blogs that excite and inspire me.  Enjoy.

In a Dark Cell, 10 Nov: A post about world (planetary) mapping with a hex map.

In a Dark Cell, 20 Nov: A continuation from the post above.

Some King's Kent, 25 Nov: Another look at his gigantic cavern system with MANY images.

Henchman Abuse, 16 Nov: A new blog (or at least new to me) with a conversion from a paper drawn map to a CC2 map.

Henchman Abuse, 20 Nov: The same map started in the previous post but with more work done to it.

Henchman Abuse, 25 Nov: Level 1 of a megadungeon map in the same style as the previous posts.  Can I say that I REALLY like the look of this map?  The layout is inspiring and, in my opinion, much better than a lot of maps that I've seen out there.  Really nice.

Henchman Abuse, 03 Oct: Somewhat out of chronological order, but this post contains the handdrawn map that became the megadungeon map in the previous post.  I really enjoy watching the progression of maps from initial design to completion so this was a fun one.

Henchman Abuse, 14 Sep: The first handdrawn map of the beginnings of a megadungeon project.

Fantastic Maps, 29 Nov: I am terribly frustrated that I only came across this blog recently.  It is the personal blog of Jon Roberts, whose work I first became acquainted with back when I had the time to spend hours at the Cartographer's Guild.  Jon is a class act and his cartography is amazing.

Sword & Shield, 27 Nov: Geomorphs seem to be all the rage these days.  This post is a little geomorphing action combined with a nice little format to create a small dungeon experience.

Forgotten Runes, 27 Nov: Rough, hand drawn, but evocative.  Lots of map posts on this blog.  I'll need to spend more time here...

Old School Heretic, 30 Nov: A nice collection of links to mapping related things.

BigDungeon, 7 July: Another blog that I just came across--this one sounds like it will be right up my alley.  It's initial post says this, "BigDungeon is going to be an ongoing development of a Big Dungeon (what the kids are calling a "MegaDungeon" lately) with maps and keys and all the assorted goodies..."  Anyway, the post that I've linked to has the startings of a dungeon map made with a hex map instead of the normal grid map.

BigDungeon, 1 Sept: Another post from BigDungeon--the style that he intends to use for all of his mapping.  Unfortunately, this is the most recent post, so I hope that this project is still going.  (Quick aside: Wouldn't 'BigDungeon' be a great name for a professional wrestler?)

Aeons & Augauries, 28 Nov: A nice how-to regarding his geomorphs, if you need that sort of thing.  This post is also handy because it includes links to all of the other blogs who are creating similar (and compatible) geomorphs.

Aeons & Aurgauries, 30 Nov: Link to a google doc that contains all of the (literally hundreds) of geomorphs that he has created over the last few weeks.  Can I say that JDJarvis is a dungeon geomorphing maniac?  I do want to add that I was going to include links to all of his posts, but when I saw this document that includes all of that good stuff, I decided not to.

I have to admit that I am starting to find keeping up with this stuff difficult.  I know that there are posts out there that I missed in this roundup.  I know that because I read them, and now can't find them.  Shame on me for not keeping better notes.


  1. Thanks Nick, I'm glad you liked my maps!

  2. Thanks for this wrap up. Lotsa cool stuff I missed.

  3. That's a fantastic round-up. Thanks for all the hard work - and glad you like my blog. It's pretty intermittent depending on when things get released from NDAs but there's something new most weeks.

  4. BigDungeon is still a-brewing. It's my alternate site so it doesn't get as much attention as it should and I've discovered it's very tricky to post a megadungeon in a format I think other folks will enjoy and I've spent an awful lot of time hand-wringing over how to do so.