Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Features

One of the reasons that I started a blog was to have a place where I could follow my interests and work on projects as I have the time and energy to do so.  And where, even if I only type 250 words, I feel that I've accomplished something.  The idea of serializing my work greatly interests me also because I have a thousand interests and being able to follow whichever I choose at a given time seems to ease the burden.

I can have an idea, type 500 words, then move on to my next idea, and later come back to the first and add another 500 words, etc.  Eventually, by coming back enough times, I might have enough material to actually publish and put it up for sale.  Writing in this way also prevents writers block for me.  If one topic is blocked, then there is always something else that I can write about, or another map that I can draw, etc.  And if a topic stays blocked long enough, perhaps it wasn't worthy of much effort in the first place.

Several blogs have weekly features where the writer posts about a specific topic once a week (or some other periodicity).  I think that I am going to actively pursue several weekly features for the reasons that I listed above and because it will force a deadline on me to go back to those things that I am most interested in.  While those (freedom of topic at any given time versus a requirement to write about a specific topic at some periodicity) are almost diametrically opposed, I think that finding the balance between them will make me a better writer, map-maker, producer-of-content, etc.

The hard part will be in deciding what interests of mine are worthy of a weekly feature and then forcing myself to consistently produce.  One is already floating out there, and I have ideas for several others.  Which ones that bubble to the surface remains to be seen.

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