Friday, February 26, 2010

Product Lines

If you've read here, here, or here, you are familiar with the fact that I decided to try to become a publisher of rpg materials while 3.X was still the king and before 4E was announced.  Because I had no interest in trying to learn 3.X (as my general perusal of the books left me dizzy--among other things), I decided to take advantage of my other interest--maps.  Consequently, I called my little company The Fantasy Cartographic and released seven products, all of which were map-centric.  Then, when 4E came out, I found myself interested in it and wanting to produce material for it.  (I suppose one could question whether I am a true old-schooler...)  I then released a few products for the 4E system that had nothing to do with maps.

I find myself wanting to continue pursuing both, but I am worried that, because my publishing interests are so far apart, I'll dilute whatever (tiny) brand awareness exists for TFC.  I've therefore decided to split my products into two different "Product Lines".  I have logos for each already designed--which I think is important in trying to build awareness.

All future mapping products will fall under the "Adventure Maps" banner.  It's logo, personally designed by myself (as if you couldn't tell), is here:

Those products that I will release for 4E will fall under the "Radiant Spear" banner, which is also the name of my 4E campaign.  Its logo, which was not designed by me, is here:

The next step is to take these logos and divide my current products at  Or I might wait until I actually release the next products and then divide everything.  All I have to do it actually complete some of my offerings that are in the pipeline.

Of course, these two lines don't really take into account the last type of products that I want to produce--gaming material for one or more of the retroclones, including my Science-Fantasy project.  I suppose that I'll need to come up with a third product line, including title and logo, to include all of my old school efforts.  Anybody want to help?

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