Monday, April 25, 2011

$$ $$ $$

It is a topic that many people love to discuss--sometimes related to their desires to make money in our little hobby.

I recently ran across two short articles by Monte Cook regarding the topic.  (I know that, to some, he is the devil, but I typically find his thoughts to be insightful and interesting.)

Here he writes about the highest paid authors in 2010.

Here he talks about rpg designers and money.

I do have to admit, however, that when he discusses money, I am left with the feeling that his words would be more meaningful if he would inform us of how well he does in his writing.  Obviously, well.  But numbers would be interesting.  I realize that it is personal, and that it is truly none of my business, but it would be informative nonetheless.

I also know that the vast majority of people in this world (that I have ever met) do not like to discuss money issues--at least their own personal money issues.  I suppose it makes people uncomfortable.  Emotions get involved, etc, etc.  I, on the other hand, don't feel that way.

To be fair, as an officer in the US Navy, my pay is fully public knowledge.  With a few pieces of information, such as where I live, how long I've been in the services, etc., any one of you could google some numbers and determine EXACTLY what the Navy pays me.  I guess in a way, that is liberating.

But I would still be interested in knowing what Monte Cook makes in a given year.


This post is also a little experiment to determine if the title leads to increased traffic over my typical posts.  Apologies if my experiment offends.


  1. Very crafty. :)

    Yeah, certainly some people have a strong aversion to discussing money. I think there's certainly a reasonable reticence people have, but a lot of times it borders on the absurd to me. But then again, as a government employee as well, my salary is available to anyone who makes a concerted effort to find it.

  2. If you look at J.A. Konrath's blog and then find out Monte's sales/month you'll figure out how much Monte makes (or a ballpark). It's a decent amount is my guess. The other give away is the art he can pay to have in his products. Typically 400-3000 USD per piece. Food for thought.

  3. I think the unwillingness to talk about money is largely an American thing, because for Americans your social status is more tied to income than anything else. The foreigners I've know have not had that taboo. Conversely, Americans immediately ask everyone "what they do" (which seems like an indirect question about your salary) and the foreigners I've know usually don't ask that, or not so quickly, maybe because your occupation is more tied to class in other cultures?

    Anyway I would be very reluctant to try to make a living off my hobby. Once it turns into work, I think it would lose a lot of its luster.