Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are These Design Principles Relevant?

Jeff over at the Bottom Feeder continues to impress me with his observations and wisdom.  In this post, he reviews Minecraft, a computer game that, frankly, I know nothing about.  (Although after reading his review and the comments following, it sounds like a game any D&D player could love.)

But better than just reviewing it (which would be not very helpful, because he makes it clear very early that he likes it), he offers some thoughts on why it has been successful.  The question now becomes, could those aspects of Minecraft that Jeff thinks makes it a good game be applied to pen-and-paper adventure design?

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  1. I play Minecraft with my son and have been for at least a year. It's a great game since it really is what you make out of it. I'm secretly re-building the Keep on the Borderlands, stone by stone.

    Okay, when I say secretly - I mean it was a secret until about two seconds ago. So much for hiding my nerd-shame now.

    - Ark