Friday, February 18, 2011

pdf Pricing - Yeah

I'm going to have to agree with what he said.  I just don't see a pdf as being worth that price, any pdf.

Because it is a topic that interests me a lot, I thought that I would link to several posts that Tenkar has written over at his tavern.  First, he starts with some general questions pertaining to the pricing of pdfs.  I think that the questions he poses are all valid.  Unforunately for the erstwhile publisher, the answers to those questions vary across the buying public.  Valid questions that might be impossible to answer, unless one does market research, which by its very nature  is not done by publishers in our little corner.  Too expensive.

Later, Tenkar discusses the pricing of the Castle Keeper's Guide and what he might have charged for it.  Thanks, Tenkar!

I should say that in both cases, the comments are just as interesting as Tenkar's initial thoughts.


  1. Yeah, I just wrote down the questions as I thought them. Most would really make me think before answering them.

    I like the CKG - just need to find more time to read it- it's jam packed. My PDF copy is a reviewer comp - I'd have bought the digest sized for $25 as my preferred edition ;)

  2. I say sub-ten dollars. Fifteen for an absolute beast of a book. Anything higher, forget about it, not happening.

  3. I tend to suggest about six cents per page, plus a dollar to the base, and rounding it up to the nearest buck. The dollar covers hosting costs, etc., and six cents a page is a pretty decent turnaround after the seller takes their cut.

    Hope This Helps,

  4. I think that I'm going to agree with Justin and Flynn--by which I mean I think that Flynn's formula might work up to a point, but beyond that, you may as well set a price limit. Although depending on the content, six cents a page might be a bit low.

    Of course, I reserve the right to be completely contradictory.