Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game Design Wisdom (Not from Me)

Jeff Vogel, over at the Bottom Feeder, writes this about game design.  He isn't a pen-and-paper rpg guy but an indie computer rpg designer.  I've linked to him before, because I think his insights are pertinent to our corner of the gaming world as well as his own.

As I think about his post more, I realize that his point is relevant to a 4E D&D experience moreso than it is to any old school fun.  4E has minions, monsters that will perish with one hit.  Is there a place in old school gaming for such a concept?  I think that there might be.


Interesting (to me at least) is the fact that one of the posts wherein I did link to him (this one, if you are interested) happens to have the most page views of any post in the history of this blog--almost double the number of page views of the number two post.  I wonder why that is...

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