Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Thoughts on Blogging

A few months ago, James Raggi posted about blogging.  I commented about his post here.  I just recently came across another bog post that I would guess was written in response to his, although perhaps not.  It was written by scottsz, and I think that it contains some good advice.

I will definitely try to keep in mind the things that he writes about.


  1. The scottsz advice is hypocritical. He had a huge hand in causing the drama around TARGA and the porn video. This advice is just a way for him to act like he's a hero, when he's not. Boo for linking to him!

  2. Mmmmm. While that is something to think about, I have to admit to a general lack of knowledge regarding TARGA (what it is, why it is, or who it is) or the drama that you mention (other than the fact that it was a HUGE topic in the blogosphere for a week or so and I had to read about it everywhere I turned). So I can claim no opinion one way or another on your point. What I will say is this: Whether or not the advice is hypocritical, I still find it to be useful, and valid advice. I have a strong belief that "wisdom" can come from anywhere, even from places or people that we might not like or even disagree with. That does not lessen the value of that "wisdom".