Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Land of Oz

I said it yesterday, and it seems to be coming true.  If I see a map that I like posted somewhere in the blogosphere, I'm probably going to link to it.  Even better when the map's from My Daily Read.  This one is brought to you courtesy of Original Edition Fantasy.

Why do I like this map?  Few reasons:

1. The "old, woodcut" style that it has screams fantasy goodness to me.

2. It shows a continent-sized area (theoretically) that doesn't include generic names that we've heard a thousand times.  (Black Forest--I'm thinking of you.)  As such, it immediately starts to inspire me. 

3. It depicts a place that most of us know a little about, but the map shows SO MUCH more than what most of us know.

All in all, pretty cool in my opinion.

Thanks, Tom.

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