Thursday, March 25, 2010

4E into the Older Editions

As I've said before, I dig both 4E and A-Lot-Older-E when it comes to my D&D.  While I think that 4E is a bit too difficult to write for, I do like a lot of what they've done in terms of mechanics.  Something that I came across over at the Newbie DM is this post about random effects that might impact characters during a gaming session.  Now, obviously, some of the old classic adventures rely on similar things at various times, but I really enjoyed this list, and it sparked some ideas in my mind.

Again, because effects are specifically a part of 4E mechanics, some adaption is going to be necessary to make use of them, but that is one of the things that we like to do best, right?  Adapt, fiddle, play-around, etc.

Since the Newbie wrote that post based upon some twitter stuff that WotC is putting out, and I am NOT a twitter-er (tweeter? - I don't know...), I would have never seen these.  So, a big thanks to the Newbie!  (Although I should probably comment at his blog, since he is not one of the 20 + a handful of people who read this blog.)

I should go one step further and attempt to do some conversions and post them here, but I don't have time today.  Hopefully, it will be enough that I've shown them to you, and you can do with them what you will.

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  1. Don't assume I don't read your blog.
    I am a mega fan of megadungeons, and mapping in general.....