Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Magic Item for LOTFP (Part 1)

Back in January, James Raggi put out a call for magic items for a new supplement that he is going to be releasing.  It seemed intriguing, so I decided to try my hand.  Not once, but twice.  Alas, I did not make the cut.  So I'm going to post the two items here.

Perhaps one of you out there will find use for one of these items in your world.

The first, posted today, is The Bozidar Apparatus.

History is replete with tales of the Mad King's Vojska, specifically his Black Brigades.  The army, a powerful and imposing force when it numbered in the tens of thousands, seemed to grow only stronger as its numbers dwindled.  For every footman that was cut down, those remaining seemed to grow more skilled, more violent, more willing to push through the deprivations that were common in the land wars of the age.  Some say that the army was formidable, because of the Mad King's fanatical training regimen for his men.  Others say that their power came from the equipment carried by every eighth man...

Supposedly a common piece of kit in the Mad King's Vojska, only one Bozidar Apparatus is believed to still exist.  The Apparatus will be found in a small wooden chest, 22 inches long by 12 inches wide by six inches deep.  Two straps connect the corners of the curved bottom of the chest -- the chest is designed to be carried on someone's back.  The Apparatus rests snugly in a form-fitted cushion within the chest.  Despite the fact that the one object is found in the other, they do not appear to go together.
Also found in the chest is a darkened and wrinkled piece of parchment.  It reads, "When death is near and doom surrounds you, Employ the Apparatus.  You will be saved, Your companions fortified."
The Apparatus is a Y-shaped object made of an indeterminate material.  It seems to be a gnarled piece of black wood in appearance and texture, yet it is cool to the touch and has the heft of an object made of iron.  The central post is approximately nine inches long and an inch in diameter; the two branches are about the same length and width.  The post ends in a wickedly curved and serated spike; the two branches widen and twist into two deeply grooved ovoids.

A person handling the Apparatus quickly realizes that the ovoids with their twisting grooves make perfect handles.  It appears to be a weapon, although there is one problem: Holding the two handles in the way that feels most comfortable to the person's hands points the upward-curving spike directly toward his or her midsection.

The Apparatus is "employed" by holding its handles and pulling it forcefully toward oneself, such that the spike is driven deep into the abdomen of the person using it.  The Apparatus will then pull itself deeper into the abdominal cavity and, following the curve of the spike, up into the individual's thoracic cavity.  It will begin to feast, sucking the blood and all other fluids from the individual in a matter of moments.  The individual will be unable to stop the feeding.  All moisture is drawn from the body, leaving a desiccated husk that crumples to the ground.  The Apparatus will fall from the body; it will show no sign of having drunk any fluids.

As soon as the player stabs the Apparatus into his abdomen, the GM should ask him who he considers to be his "companions"; the GM should also ask him who he considers to be his "enemies".  For the purposes of the Apparatus, there is no limit to the number of beings that can be designated as companion or enemy, however, only those within sight of the character can be so designated.

Those beings who are designated as the character's enemies and who are within 30 feet of the character are knocked to the ground and stunned for 1d10 rounds, unable to perform any actions.  Those beings who are designated as companions (regardless of range) are immediately healed of all wounds, poisons, and magical conditions; they are returned to full hit points.  Additionally, the character's experience points are divided evenly by the number of companions designated, and each of their experience point totals is increased by that amount.  These effects are instantaneous, occurring immediately after the character stabs himself.

The character is instantly and irrevocably killed with no Saving Throw. The character cannot be reincarnated or resurrected.  His spirit ceases to exist and cannot be recalled by any means.

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