Sunday, January 1, 2012

D&D - Past, Present and Future

So where I am currently typing this, the New Year has not yet rolled in.  It is about ten minutes to midnight, and I am surrounded by sounds of explosions, large and small, welcoming the coming passage.

So, I guess first thing's first--Happy New Year to all of you who are already on the far side of this celebration.  I hope that you had a fun, and safe, time.

But on to the point.

I'm not a regular reader of the Escapist, but these articles caught my attention.  A guy by the name of Greg Tito has written three articles about D&D, talking about its Past, Present, and Future.  Interesting read, all in all, whether or not you agree with what he has to say or if you think that these articles have any relevance to the real world.  But I always enjoy hearing from "insiders" so I found these articles a fun read.  Perhaps you will as well.

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