Friday, September 2, 2011

What is that?!

So while I was writing my last post earlier today, I glanced at the 'Stats' tab for this blog, and I noticed a huge spike in readership a few days ago.  I also noticed that most of the spike came from a website that I had never heard of before, by the name of Gothise.

Anybody know that this place is or what it is about?  I suppose that I could sign up for an account, and then I would see, but I am past the stage of signing up for every website out there just because.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  1. My guess is it's a spam site.

  2. I've seen this spike on my blog, too. So did Greg, who went ahead and joined the Gothise site. From its front page, it looks like "facebook for goths," but who knows, really?

  3. I've been seeing it as well. I set up an account to see who might be referencing my site, but found nothing, so I closed the account.

  4. Sigh, more social networks. It seems their success rate is skyrocketing, everybody wants a share!

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