Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Can List Them with the Best of 'Em!

Is there any point to discussing this phenomena?  I think that there is, but just can't seem to get my thoughts in order enough to do so.

I think somewhere it started with computer games, then someone decided to try it with boardgames, someone else said rpgs, then someone said games--of any kind.  Well, I'm going to expand the reach of mine, to not only include specific titles but more general games.  If that doesn't explain it adequately, you'll see what I mean when you look below.

Yes, you know what I am talking about: 15 Games in 15 Minutes.  Everybody and their Grandmother has done this now.  Well, now everybody and their grandmother and ME!

I'm listing these in the order that they come to me.  Theoretically, that implies some level of importance in my life, or gaming existence.  Or perhaps all that it really implies is some strange train of associations.  Let's see where it takes us, shall we?

1. AD&D - It's basically required, isn't it?
2. Risk - Almost another requirement.
3. Monopoly
4. Atari 2600: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - I never got into Adventure, but this one had some puzzles, some task resolution, and a bit of a plot.  I gotta say that I was damn proud the first time that I uncovered that Ark.
5. Atari 2600: Yar's Revenge - A CLASSIC!
6. Atari 2600: Demon Attack - A better and more advanced version of Space Invaders.
7. Atari 5200: Space Dungeon - Come on--a megadungeon in space!  And I never got close to completing all 99 levels.
8. Atari 5200: Dreadnaught Factor - A single fighter against massive starships bristling with weaponry.  Nice!
9. X-Wing (For PC) - This game single-handedly destroyed any chance of success at my finals first semester of my freshman year in college.
10. Axis & Allies - Wasn't introduced to it until college, but came to love it.
11. Payday, the boardgame - The thing that I remember most is its funky art, but I played a lot of it.
12. Life, the boardgame - Blue peg in a green little car.
13. Spades - Cause of many academic problems later in college.
14. Blackjack - Sit me at a table with a pile of plastic in front of me and time ceases to have meaning.
15. Pictionary - Say what you will about this one, but I've had tons of great fun with this.

After having typed that, I'm not sure how one led to the next, necessarily.  But at the very least, this little exercise has prompted all sorts of great memories.


  1. "But at the very least, this little exercise has prompted all sorts of great memories."

    That's the whole point of this, as far as I can see. That and looking at what other people have played, of course.

  2. 1 d&d
    2 carcassonne
    3 Diablo 2
    4 Age of Empires 2
    5 Neverwinter Nights
    6 scrabble
    7 monopoly
    8 uno
    9 quarters, yes the beer drinking game
    10 twister
    11 blackjack
    12 poker
    13 chess
    14 othello/reversi
    15 backgammon

  3. It's fun to read what others played. Enjoyable reading and fun memories.

  4. I'm kinda psyched that you listed a couple of the Atari 5200 games. I recall being pretty psyched when I finally finished the second dungeon of Pitfall II. I was sad you weren't there to witness it on that summer day.